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Application of Sodium dichromate
Sep 19, 2018

Used for the production of chromic anhydride, potassium dichromate, ammonium dichromate, salt-based chromium sulfate, lead chromium yellow, copper chromium red, dissolved chromium yellow, chromium oxide green and other raw materials, the production of alkaline blue dyes, saccharin, synthetic camphor and synthetic fiber oxidant. The pharmaceutical industry is used as an oxidant for the production of amine phenyl sulfone, benzene benzocaine, folic acid, Reveno ye. Dyeing and printing industry is used as an oxidant in dyeing aniline dyes, a post-treatment agent when dyeing with VAT dye dye, and a mordant when dyeing with acid mordant dyes. Tanning industry is used as a tanning agent. Electroplating industry is used for galvanizing after passivation treatment to increase the brightness. The glass industry is used as a green coloring agent.