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Changyuan Group Decisive Battle 2019 Welcome Spring Annual Meeting Was Held
Jan 31, 2019

In the afternoon of Jan.21, 2019, Changyuan Group "Decisive Battle 2019" welcome spring annual meeting was held in Binghai hotel of Rongchang District, Chongqing. All of our workers, group management and specially invited customer representatives joined together to celebrate  the coming of new year 2019.  Changyuan group wishes happy new year to all the people of our country, and everyone engaged in chemical industry enjoying nice time with the family. The meeting lasted for 4 hours, various kinds of self-edited programs performed by our workers on the stage, warm applause were heard time to time. 

Changyuan group had been putting big efforts on innovation and sustainable development in the past 40 years, new year 2019 will be challenging and also full of opportunities for us. We will unite and work hard for our "double hundreds" goals, fight in 2019 and fight for a better future.

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