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Disinfection And Bactericidal Action Of Different Concentrations Of Solution
Sep 19, 2018

High concentration solution of potassium permanganate can irritate and corrode tissues, and 4% solution can disinfect feeding troughs and other appliances. The formalin evaporation can be accelerated by its oxidation property, which can be used for air disinfection and is a common disinfectant for families.

1. deep purple solution (about 0.3% concentration): strong oxidizing, strong bactericidal ability. It can be used to disinfect bathing apparatus and spittoon.

2. Purple red solution (about 0.05% concentration): with anti-itching, anti-inflammatory and anti-spread of infection, can be used to soak tinea pedis.

3. rosy red solution (about 0.01% concentration): Disinfect fruits and vegetables and cutlery. Disinfectant utensils can be soaked in 1 to 1000 Potassium Permanganate powder for 15 minutes and rinsed clean with water. In the medical treatment, the concentration of solution can be used to wash mucous membranes, such as hemorrhoids. It is effective in preventing infection, relieving itching and relieving pain.

4. Light cherry red solution (about 0.002% concentration): can be used to gargle, prevent oral inflammation and dental caries, deodorant anti-inflammatory effect, help to reduce the armpit odor.