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Pharmacological Effects Of Potassium Permanganate
Sep 19, 2018

Through the active group of oxidizing bacteria, the bactericidal effect, potassium permanganate can effectively kill all kinds of bacterial breeding, fungi, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, but also inactivated hepatitis B virus and spores, but it takes a long time to the spore effect. Organic matter heats up and accelerates the oxidation reaction in acid or alkaline conditions. At different ph conditions, the oxidation reaction is distinguished, in the acidic solution itself is reduced to colorless two-valent manganese compounds, in neutral or alkaline solution is reduced to brown manganese dioxide and protein complex precipitation. Low concentration has antibacterial, astringent, hemostasis, deodorization and other effects. High concentrations are irritating and corrosive. Its antibacterial action is stronger than hydrogen peroxide.