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Potassium Permanganate Property
Sep 19, 2018

In chemical production, widely used as oxidant, such as sugar refining, vitamin C, isoniazid and benzoin acid, as a preservative, disinfectant, deodorant and antidote, in the water purification and waste water treatment, water treatment agent to oxidize hydrogen sulfide, phenol, iron, manganese and organic, inorganic and other pollutants, Control odor and decolorization; in gas purification, trace sulfur, arsenic, phosphorus, silane, borane and sulfides can be removed; in mining and metallurgy, for separating molybdenum from copper, removing impurities from zinc and cadmium, and flotation of compounds, oxidizing agents for special fabrics, waxes, greases and resins, Coloring agent for wood and copper.